One-week Intensive block physiotherapy sessions at Freddie Farmer Foundation

One-Week Intensive Block Physiotherapy Sessions available for Booking from June 2022

From Monday 27th June we will be introducing one-week Intensive Block Physiotherapy Sessions in addition to our existing two-week Sessions.

We provide intensive physiotherapy blocks for disabled children aged 3-16 years affected by cerebral palsy and mobility problems. These blocks currently take place Monday to Friday over two weeks.

From Monday 27th June we will be offering a 5-day block session option to offer our families even greater flexibility.

Blocks are a great way to really focus on your child’s physiotherapy goals. With 2-hour sessions per day across one or two weeks, we can really expect to see great progress over the block. These blocks give your child the opportunity to work hard and focus on their therapy.

If you are new to the Freddie Farmer Foundation Physiotherapy Centre, you will be asked to attend a free initial assessment to ascertain your child’s requirements, set goals and assess potential benefits from the intensive blocks.

Each 1- or 2-week block will then work towards defined goals that are specific to your child. A therapy programme will be designed around your child’s needs, and you will be advised of any exercises or activities that would be beneficial for your child to continue with at home.

Therapy fees are subsidised at £30 an hour by the Freddie Farmer Foundation.

Sessions cost £300 for 10 hours (2 hours daily over a 5-day week) or £600 for 20 hours (2 hours daily over 2 weeks – Monday to Friday).

To book a session or to find out more about our available physiotherapy session dates for registered families please call Karen on 020 8313 3707.

New families can book an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists *free of charge (*subject to pre-assessment criteria).

For new enquiries, please email