About the Centre

The Freddie Farmer Physiotherapy Centre Ltd supports disabled children aged 3–16 years with cerebral palsy, developmental delay and co-ordination disorders and other non-progressive neurological disorders and syndromes.

Our approach is to provide a fun, child-friendly ‘home from home’ environment combining specialist equipment and therapeutic exercises.

We provide unique and intensive physiotherapy programmes incorporating the Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) also known as the ‘spider’. The ‘spider’ is a series of bungee ropes in a frame that support the child in any position while the physiotherapist carries out exercises to help develop and build the child’s muscles.

Who we help

We help treat the following conditions:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Developmental delay
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Stroke
  • Dyskinesia: ataxia, athetosis and dystonia
  • Other non-progressive neurological disorders and syndromes

How we help

Our resident physiotherapists, specialised equipment and intensive physiotherapy programmes help improve strength and mobility for children with cerebral palsy and mobility problems.

Home programmes are specially tailored for each child and are given to parents at the end of block sessions so that parents can continue the important exercises at home.

Block sessions

July, August and September 2024 block session dates are now available for booking.

To find out more about our available physiotherapy session dates for registered families please call Karen on 020 8313 3707.

New families can book an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists *free of charge (*subject to pre-assessment criteria).

For new enquiries, please email karen@freddiefarmerfoundation.org.uk

What we do

Our physiotherapy programmes are tailored specifically for each child and include:

  • Postural management; a planned approach encompassing all activities and interventions which impact on a child’s posture and function.
  • Gait assessment; assess and examine the gait of the child to build a programme of exercises to improve walking patterns.
  • Kinesiology taping; joint correction and postural alignment.
  • Maintain and improve posture and movement.
  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Maintain range of movement of joints to help prevent rigidity.
  • Provide advice on specialist equipment; advise on the most appropriate equipment for the child’s development.
  • Introduce proper movement patterns; repetitive exercises.
  • Massage.
  • Home exercise programmes; supply a home-based pictorial exercise programme using photos and videos to help parents with home exercises and understanding.
  • Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy; Pre and post op therapy.

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Meet the Team

Menelaos Antoniou - Clinical Physiotherapist BSc EHCP

Menelaos Antoniou - Clinical Physiotherapist BSc EHCP

Menelaos joined the Freddie Farmer Physiotherapy Centre in 2021. He studied in Budapest, where the Spider Therapy is the core treatment of Neurologic Rehabilitation Strategy.

Menelaos has a passion for fitness, goal-orientated therapy, and functional therapy. Bodybuilding and martial arts is his ‘go to’ activity in his free time.

Fun fact! Menelaos loves Jiu-Jitsu!

Freddie Farmer - Communications Coordinator

Freddie Farmer - Communications Coordinator

Freddie is the latest to join the team as our new Communications Coordinator, it’s a new fundraising and partnership focused role to support us in our work supporting disabled children

Freddie, who has cerebral palsy, knows first-hand how much children like him can benefit from the therapy we provide here, saying: “It’s helped me a lot with my own physical development.”

Fun fact! Freddie loves football and is an avid  Millwall fan.

Karen Smith - Charity Centre Manager

Karen Smith - Charity Centre Manager

Karen started working at the Freddie Farmer Foundation in 2015 but has known Freddie’s family since before Freddie Farmer was born.

She loves her job as Charity Centre Manager because it is so varied, from organising fundraising events to meeting and greeting our parents and children. ‘You have to be organised and good with meeting people.’ Karen’s in her element!

Karen is committed to ensuring the Foundation is a success to help Freddie and lots of children like him to achieve their full potential.

Fun fact! Karen loves chocolate!

“It’s amazing to have a local and affordable centre with such a fantastic team. It’s a brilliant combination of physio and fun, brilliant team and a friendly atmosphere.”