About the Foundation

The Freddie Farmer Foundation is the charitable arm of the Freddie Farmer Physiotherapy Centre Ltd.

The charity was formed in 2011 to raise £250,000 to set up a specialist subsidised physiotherapy centre in south-east England for children and young people with cerebral palsy and mobility problems.

The inspiration behind it all is Freddie Farmer who was born at 28 weeks with cerebral palsy, weighing just 2Ibs 12oz.


Freddie’s family had been taking him three times a year to a centre 100 miles away for unique and intensive physiotherapy involving a piece of equipment called the ‘spider’.

It helped Freddie make great progress and it soon became clear that a centre nearer home – where he could get more regular treatment – would be a Godsend.

In 2011 we launched the ‘Ready, Freddie, GO!’ campaign to set up a specialised physiotherapy centre for Freddie and children like him.

The driving force behind the campaign was simply getting children like Freddie to walk.

The campaign, which saw hundreds of people take part in activities such as climb mountains, walk and run marathons, cycle to Paris, jump out of aeroplanes and have a ball at all kinds of fundraising events, raised over £400,000!

Having started out with one physiotherapist in May 2015, the Freddie Farmer Physiotherapy Centre has now increased to two physiotherapists and two therapy assistants and continues to help scores of disabled children with varying conditions and mobility problems.


Our mission is to provide unique and intensive physiotherapy to disabled children, helping them to reach their full potential.

Meet the Trustees

Deanne Catchesides - Trustee

Deanne Catchesides - Trustee

As a parent of a disabled child, Deanne had spent years researching different types of therapy.

The spider therapy, along with more traditional methods, has really helped Freddie make good progress.

‘I am so pleased that through our fantastic support network we have been able to set up our very own centre here in the South East of England. Freddie has benefitted greatly from this facility and I hope the many more children coming through our doors will also benefit and enjoy what we do.’

Little known fact! Deanne’s very good at Connect Four! Just ask her children, Ollie and Freddie!

Dan Catchesides - Trustee

Dan Catchesides - Trustee

When Dan found out that Freddie needed specialised physiotherapy, he found a private centre over 100 miles away.

It was very helpful, but the logistics, travel, and the disruption to school and family life were becoming very difficult, and he thought he may be able to start a centre closer to home.

So, with the help of a lot of family, friends, and colleagues, he started to fundraise in order to establish the new state-of the-art physiotherapy centre for Bromley.

Today Dan’s task is to raise £130,000 each year to keep the Bromley centre running.

Michael John Ash - Treasurer

Michael John Ash - Treasurer

Michael’s job is to ensure that the Freddie Farmer Foundation complies with charity law and to present the accounts on time. He also supports our fundraising events. Michael gets a lot of satisfaction in seeing the children benefit from the hard work of our dedicated physiotherapists.

In 2013 Michael embarked on a charity skydive to raise funds for the foundation.

He had a lot of support from family and friends, including one person who pledged a large amount of money but who unnervingly asked whether he’d still have to pay up if Michael’s parachute didn’t open!

Fortunately, it did, and Michael is still here to tell the tale!

“We are a non-profit organisation, a registered charity, and all our fundraisers and helpers do it voluntarily. We have the best supporters in the world!”

Freddie Farmer Foundation