Freddie Farmer Foundation chosen as Glades Shopping Centre’s Charity of the Year!

Bromley-based Freddie Farmer Foundation is thrilled to have been chosen as Glades Shopping Centre’s Charity of the Year 2022-23.

Glades Bromley has been a proud part of the Bromley area for 30 years.

After visiting the Freddie Farmer Foundation’s Physiotherapy Centre on Elliott Road Bromley, Adele Petty from The Glades said that she wanted to support Freddie Farmer Foundation because ‘they really touched my heart and made me want to help all the families that rely on their support.’

Discussing the partnership, Daniel Daly at Glades Bromley, said: “We all really appreciated you taking the time to show us the work that you are doing and we’re looking forward to working with you.”

Plans for fundraising activities include a pop-up shop, charity runs, and a ‘High Five’ campaign which aims to sign up 555 people to donate £5 a month through regular giving during the 2022/23 partnership.