£25,000 Charity Donation

The Ordinary to Extraordinary charity has announced a major £25,000 donation to Freddie Farmer Foundation.

Freddie Farmer Foundation, in Elliott Road, Bromley, which caters for disabled children with cerebral palsy and mobility problems, was given the donation by Ordinary to Extraordinary at the O2e Launch night, in January 2020.

Freddie Farmer Foundation’s charity centre manager Karen Smith said the funds would make a significant difference to improve the lives of the young people who benefit so much from our dedication and care.

“The funds will make a significant difference to the lives of our children and provide important stability to the charity budget,” said Karen. “It’s great news for all of our children.”

O2e is a community of philanthropic volunteers who enjoy furthering themselves through exercise and adventure to improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children.

They raise the funds by taking individuals and groups on challenges that take them out of their comfort zone and achieve something amazing, like a 5k run or crossing the Alps.

To find out more about the Ordinary to Extraordinary charity, visit the O2e website.