£120,000 to 120 charities in 12 days

Insurance firm, Ecclesiastical, is inviting charity nominations for 120 grants of £1,000.

Each weekday from 5th to 20th December, Ecclesiastical will be giving 10 charities, £1,000. That’s £120,000 to 120 charities in 12 days!

Any UK, Irish, Channel Islands or Isle of Man registered charity can be nominated, and nominations will remain open until midnight the day before each draw. Draws will take place each weekday from 5th – 20th December 2019.

The more nominations a charity receives, the greater the chance of them winning. The online application form asks simply for the charity name and number, the nominee, and the reason why they would like to see their nominated charity receive £1,000.

To nominate Freddie Farmer Foundation, follow the link to the Ecclesiastical website, and complete the 3-step process that we’ve outlined below.

Nominations close 20th December 2019.

Nominate us today!

How to nominate Freddie Farmer Foundation


Give the details of charity you are nominating including the name, charity number and charity type.

Charity Number: 1140588

Charity Name: Freddie Farmer Foundation

Charity Type: Disability


Fill out your personal details; name, email address, location and age range.


Explain why you are nominating Freddie Farmer Foundation.