VR Media Company Donates 3D Scan of Therapy Centre

A VR media company has donated a 3D scan of the Freddie Farmer Foundation’s Physiotherapy Centre for disabled children. The company gave their time and resources for free because they wanted to give the charity the opportunity to show off their services and facilities to a global audience.

BLUR Three Sixty is a Virtual Reality media company using cutting-edge 3D and Virtual Reality technology to provide virtual tours that are effective, user-friendly and realistic that can be experienced anytime, anywhere. They create 360° virtual tours for events, construction, architecture, schools, nurseries, hotels, bars, clubs and holiday villas.

“The result has been fantastic,” said Charity Officer, Karen Smith. “BLUR Three Sixty have provided us with a fantastic 3D scan of our Physiotherapy Centre giving new families the opportunity to walk through our centre and see all the equipment we use. It’s amazing, we love it. Now people can experience what we do and view our facilities first-hand without having to set foot in the Centre. It’s great for those who live further afield.”

To find out more visit the BLUR Three Sixty website.