O2e Supports Freddie Farmer Foundation

Ordinary to Extraordinary (o2e) has pledged to support the Freddie Farmer Foundation as one of seven nominated charities in 2022.

O2e is a community of philanthropic volunteers who enjoy furthering themselves through exercise and adventure.

They raise funds by taking individuals and groups on Challenges that take them out of their comfort zone and achieve something amazing, like a 5k run or crossing the Alps.

Karen Smith, Charity Centre Manager at the Freddie Farmer Foundation, said: “We are delighted to hear we have been chosen by 02e as one of seven supported charities for 2022.

“Their support is invaluable to us and will enable us to continue to support children with cerebral palsy and mobility problems, as well as providing support for their families and carers.”

CASPA (Life With Autism), ELHAP (Every Life Has A Purpose), Marjorie McClure (Inspiring Success), Pace (children’s charity), Sparkle (Helping special children shine), and St Elizabeth’s, will also benefit.

o2e aims to improve the lives of children who are in need of help due to disability or illness via fundraising, whilst encouraging and supporting all ages to embrace sport and adventure, get out of their comfort zones and live life to the full.

To find out more, visit the o2e website.