Downing Street award for Freddie

Freddie Farmer has become the latest to receive a Points of Light Award from the Prime Minister David Cameron which recognises outstanding individual volunteers who make a difference in their communities.

In his letter, David Cameron said he was ‘delighted to hear that the Freddie Farmer Foundation Physiotherapy Centre has now opened. He said ‘You should be very proud of this phenomenal achievement which will help disabled children across South London.'

He said 'I believe it is my duty as Prime Minster to hold up examples of great volunteering and service as an inspiration to others. Through your hard work and dedication you are making our communities stronger, and our country a better place.

On behalf of the whole country, I hope this Points of Light Award can be a small way of saying thank you.’ 

On the charity’s Facebook page today, Freddie’s mum, Deanne, said: “To say we are thrilled for Freddie is an understatement but it really is thanks to you, our wonderful supporters that this has happened. Our goals have never been about receiving awards, it is about helping Freddie and many more children like him – having said that, we feel fantastic about this and so does Freddie. Well done everyone!”