Bedsit Build to Help Disabled Children

The Freddie Farmer Foundation is in the early stages of constructing a bedsit at our site in Elliott Road, Bromley.

The new bedsit will allow clients with a disabled child, who travel from all over the UK, to stay onsite in a purpose-built facility, completely catered for.

Disabled children need quite a lot of specialised equipment and as some of our families travel a long way, it is not always possible for them to bring all that they need for their stay.

The bedsit will supply everything they need to help them while they are here.

We will offer a special discounted rate for the families that stay here so as well as helping the families who come to the Freddie Farmer Foundation Therapy Centre, we will also gain a small regular income to help towards our annual running costs.

The build started in September 2018 and will take six months to complete at a cost of £50,000.