About the Centre

The Freddie Farmer Physiotherapy Centre Ltd supports disabled children aged 3–16 years with cerebral palsy, developmental delay and co-ordination disorders and other non-progressive neurological disorders and syndromes.

Our approach is to provide a fun, child-friendly ‘home from home’ environment combining specialist equipment and therapeutic exercises.

We provide unique and intensive physiotherapy programmes incorporating the Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) also known as the ‘spider’. The ‘spider’ is a series of bungee ropes in a frame that support the child in any position while the physiotherapist carries out exercises to help develop and build the child’s muscles. 

Who we help

Conditions we treat:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Developmental delay
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Stroke
  • Dyskinesia: ataxia, athetosis and dystonia 
  • Other non-progressive neurological disorders and syndromes

How we help

Our resident physiotherapists, specialised equipment and intensive physiotherapy programmes help improve strength and mobility for children with cerebral palsy and mobility problems.

Home programmes are specially tailored for each child and are given to parents at the end of block sessions so that parents can continue the important exercises at home.

Block sessions

November to December 2020 session dates are now available for booking:

  • Monday 26th October to Friday 6th November
  • Monday 9th November to Friday 20th November
  • Monday 23rd November to Friday 4th December
  • Monday 7th December to Friday 18th December

*Session times are either 10am – 12.00 or 1pm - 3pm.

To book a session, please email Karen with your preferred session dates and times or call Karen on 020 8313 3707.

What We Do

Our physiotherapy programmes are tailored specifically for each child and include:

  • Postural management - a planned approach encompassing all activities and interventions which impact on a child’s posture and function
  • Gait assessment - assess and examine the gait of the child to build a programme of exercises to improve walking patterns
  • Kinesiology taping - joint correction and postural alignment
    Maintain and improve posture and movement
    Improve balance and coordination
    Maintain range of movement of joints to help prevent rigidity
  • Provide advice on specialist equipment - advise on the most appropriate equipment for the child’s development
  • Introduce proper movement patterns - repetitive exercises
  • Massage
  • Home exercise programmes - supply a home-based pictorial exercise programme using photos and videos to help parents with home exercises and understanding
  • Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy - Pre and post op therapy


We offer a range of specialist equipment and facilities, including two Universal Exercise Units (UEU’s) incorporating the ‘spider’ therapy, a LokoHelp electromechanical gait trainerTheraSuits, iJoy Ride horse riding machineTomcat trikes, Total Gym Power Tower, Kaye Scoot-About, paediatric steps, LiteGait mobile hoist, parallel bars, partial weight bearing treadmill, wobble boards and thera benches.